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Created to recognize the workers "behind the scenes," the award was named for Moira Caffarey, who unexpectedly passed away in 1997. Moira cared for World Cup Champion "I Love You.". Friends of Moira donated a trophy for the first-ever grooms' award at "Harrisburg," while individuals and companies gave prizes to the winning groom.

The Caffarey Grooms Award gained national and international support, with donations arriving from the USA, England, Ireland, France, and South Africa. In 2014, another trophy was added to the grooms award. Horse transporter George Hennessy's name was added to create the Caffarey-Hennessy Grooms Award. Two perpetual trophies are awarded to the winning groom.

As donations increased each year, it was decided each of the Grand Prix grooms deserved a Thank You for their efforts and professionalism. A tote bag was awarded to each Grand Prix groom, filled with goodies and gift cards from generous sponsors.

Now a Not-for-Profit 501(c) 3 charitable organization, The Grooms' Award, Ltd. held a grooms event at the 2018 Nations Cup in Wellington, Florida. 

Grooms' Award events will be offered at a handful of major horse shows each year.


The Grooms Award, Ltd

The Grooms Award, Ltd

The Grooms Award, Ltd

Created in The Grooms Award is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation that recognizing the professional horse show groom  and their dedication to care of the show horse. 

Board Members: Georgia Coyle, Tracy Emanuel, James Herring, Andrea Mewhinney, Nicole Orna, Karen Ouellett.


Our Story

The Grooms Award, Ltd

The Grooms Award, Ltd

Grooms from a previous generation initiated recognizing the grooms of today. 

Founded in October, 1998, The Grooms Award was first awarded at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show in Harrisburg PA, USA.

The Caffarey-Hennessy trophy was created in memory of Moira Caffarey, groom of the famed jumper "I Love You" and George Hennessy, horse transporter and friend to all.

 The recipient of the award was the groom who cared for the horse winning the Grand Prix de Penn National.  Gift bags are awarded to each groom of a declared Grand Prix horse.